Scrap Cars

Top Cash for Scrap Cars In New Zealand

Has your car served you for a lifetime – and is now a senior citizen? You must be tired of the recurring expenses for the maintenance of the vehicle. Did you recently have an accident that completely destroyed your new car? The amount required to fix it can be the down payment for a new car!


Don’t worry, because Bil Autos is here to take your worries away – along with your damaged car! If you have been looking for a place to sell your old vehicle, Bil Autos is the highest-paying and the most reliable buyer that you will get in New Zealand. We will put your car to rest in an eco-friendly way.

The concept of selling scrap cars is not old in New Zealand. There are many buyers out there. You can approach them with the details of your car. But how will you find the most trustworthy buyer? Individual buyers might make an offer much less than what you deserve. That’s where Bil Autos stands out.

We’ll make the best offer in the market, even if your car is completely wrecked and the engine is blown. What’s more, we’ll ensure that you go through the process with ease and clarity. We accept cars of all brands and makes – and in every condition. Selling your car to us will be nothing short of a pleasure.

But what do we do with the vehicle? Our aim is to make sure that every scrap vehicle gets recycled and reused in an eco-friendly way. For that, we have a team of specialists. After the safe removal and disposal of the fuel in the care, every spare part of a wrecked car is sold or shelved for its best use later.

So, just give us a call without worrying about the condition of your vehicle. Rest assured that we will take it and offer the highest price. You’ll also have a secure transaction. If you live in New Zealand, Bil Autos is just the place for you to get started on your eco-friendly car disposal – and get rewarded.

The industry of cash for cars and trucks is full of several outfits. But why should you choose us? That’s because we will offer you the highest price that anyone will offer you for your old vehicle. We also make sure that the entire process is quick and hassle-free for each and every customer.


Our Promise

Looking to sell your unwanted car. Here is what we promise to our customers.

Broken-Down Car

We offer top cash for your unwanted car in Hamilton region. In most cases cash is given on the spot.

We accept all make and models from Japanese to European to Korean.

Stop worrying about your old vehicle. No matter how bad a condition it is in. Give us a call and get rid of it.

We provide absolutely free vehicle removal from any location in Hamilton and the surrounding areas.

We never compromise with quality, so our used parts go through manual quality checks and necessary refurbishing and repair before they enter the market.

We keep our process simple and deliver services beyond customers’ expectations and build engagement for repeat customers.